Top 5 Palm Tree Care Mistakes

By Stan Arnold / September 6, 2016

Palm trees are very beautiful trees that most people like to have in their homes to enhance the appearances of their places.  These trees are however very delicate and most people who try to growth fail due to some of the wrong habits that they practice on the trees. This article put together by a friend of mine who runs a tree service in Englewood covers some of the common palm tree care mistakes that most people make.

The #1 North Port / Venice / Englewood Tree Service

The #1 North Port / Venice / Englewood Tree Service

Watering them too much:

Most palm trees wilt and fall very fast without even drying up. The reason why most of them turn color is due to over watering a new palm plant. A palm tree needs to have very good drainage so that it may be able to prosper well. This is very easy. One has to add about 50% of sand and mix it with the soil that the palm tree is growing on. One should then water the palm tree at most once every day and it needs to be adequate water, not too much.

Not giving the palm tree enough water:

The leaf tips of a new palm tree will start browning and wilt if the palm tree does not get the correct amount of water that it needs. Inefficient water will cause the plant to weaken until it dies. For a palm tree to prosper, it needs to be put in moist and well-drained soil so that it be able to get the correct nutrients that it needs for it to grow healthily.  The moisture in the soil needs to go deep down up to the roots of the palm tree for it to grow strongly.

Damaged Roots:

Most trees need to have fertilizer for them to grow strongly and this is not different with the palm tree. However, adding fertilizer to the soil when planting a new palm tree will cause it to wilt off and die prematurely. The reason why this is so is the nature of the tree’s roots. A palm tree has very delicate roots. This means that when you add the fertilizer on the soil before planting, it is guaranteed that this will get into contact with the roots of the new tree. This will then most definitely damage the roots and damaged roots will guarantee wilting of the tree as it will not have any firm hold and support from below.

Burn from Fertilizers

A palm tree is delicate thus can easily get a burn from the fertilizers added to it. When you add fertilizer very closely to the tree trunk, it will definitely damage the trunk. Damaging the palm tree trunk will make it unable to fight off any diseases thus it becomes prone to tree infections and has a very small survival window. When adding fertilizer to the palm tree, it is advisable to keep at least 2 meters from the trunk so as to avoid any burn damages.

Failure to add fertilizer:

Just like any other tree, a palm tree needs to get enough nutrients for it to grow healthy and properly. Failure to add fertilizer to the soil will cause the tree to lack these additional nutrients that the fertilizer would provide it with.  Therefore ensure that you fertilize your tree at least four times a year especially during the warm months. You should, however, avoid putting it close to the trunk or the roots of the palm tree.

How to Know if Your Air Conditioner is Broken

By Stan Arnold / September 2, 2016

Air conditioning is a very important accessory in the house. In the past, it used to be viewed as some kind of luxury but this is not the case anymore. In extreme seasons such as during summer, it is very important for one to have an air conditioner. This is because it will help in balancing the warm air in the house with the outside colder air and keep them cooled up. When an air conditioner stops functioning, it usually gets stressful for the owner. Most resort to calling the service person to fix it without trying to take a look first and note where the issue may be arising from. This article put together by a friend of mine who specialises in Air Conditioning in Port Charlotte will cover what one needs to do when the air conditioner stops working, before calling a technical expert for assistance.

Air Conditioning

The only 5 Star Port Charlotte Air Conditioning Firm

Check the Power Supply

If the air conditioner fails to get turned on, the problem may simply be a fuse that has been blown or the power may have tripped. In case of tripping, you simply have to get to the power switch and make sure that all switches are on so as to un-trip the power supply. After doing this, the air conditioner should start working again. If not, then the problem may be a blown fuse. If the fuse is blown, you will be able to know as you will see a dark spot on the glass that holds the fuse. In such a scenario, you only need to purchase a new fuse and get the technical expert to help you replace the blown fuse and get your air conditioner back to shape.

Switch on your Fan

The first way for one to determine if the air conditioner is able to receive power is by switching on the fan. As such, you will be able to note is it is a power problem or there may be another fault. When you turn the auto switch and notice that the fan gets on, this means that the blower is also able to receive power. The fact that it may not be blowing cool air into the room may mean a fault with the blower itself. At this point, it is necessary to get an expert to check the blower and inform you where the problem is before fixing it.

Troubleshooting the Thermostat

The air conditioners placed in homes usually work with the home’s thermostat unit. This means that any tampering of the thermostat will most definitely affect the air conditioner too. One should then check the settings on the thermostat to be sure that it has not been accidentally switched off since this would cause the air conditioner to stop blowing in air. You should also note the temperature of the thermostat to make sure that it has not gone inadvertently as this would also affect the way the air conditioner works. Another thing to note is the fact that the thermostat uses batteries. This means that if the batteries run out, the air conditioner will also stop functioning. One should then replace the thermostat batteries to note if the air conditioner will be able to start functioning again.

Using Tree Services and Tree Removal to Improve Your Home

By Stan Arnold / June 6, 2016

The presence of trees in your environment dramatically improves your quality of life. Providing both shade and privacy to homes and businesses nearby, trees require some maintenance to develop optimally. Having said that, if your residence is being overshadowed by undesirable vegetation, it’s best to get rid of it altogether.

The good news is that there are loads of companies who specialize in almost all facets of the gardening industry and have extensive experience in tree removal. When you hire them, you might also get a wide variety of gardening supplies, besides winning safety and cleanliness in your backyard. These kind of experts are the best people to deal with for your Tree Services and Removal for Home Improvement.

Let’s take a peek into the different services one can go for:

Tree Services

All major companies provide a constant concern for the performance of craftsmanship and quality. They serve residential, commercial and institutional customers. Not only do they offer competitive rates, but attach particular importance to deadlines because they know that rapid action is key all areas. Whatever procedure you need them to perform, they always ensure that the site is free of residue when they’re done. Depending on your choice, you can keep the wood for future use or you can have it disposed off.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming includes a set of operations which may include, depending on the situation, different techniques including sanitation pruning, enhancing the crown thinning, rebalancing of the branches, restructuring and clearance of structures and work areas.

All these are performed for aesthetic reasons and to maintain the health of the tree. Trimming usually involves the cutting of weak, broken or dead branches. This is a preventive measure to strengthen, shape, and to lighten its branches in order to produce quality wood without knots – extending the overall life expectancy of the tree. Skilled workmen will be able to provide a trimming that respects the development and physical properties of each tree.

Bobcat Services

With tractors, assortments of special equipment and an excavator, professionals have the ability to trench, break and evacuate solid yards, walkways, carports, and establishments. It’s also possible to get your swimming pool removed. Some services additionally have the ability to address all your seepage needs and even bore vine locales for your backyard.

Stump Grinding

The grinding is carried out to mechanically remove the remaining stumps, after the eradication of the tree. Residues of grubbing and the surface roots will also be removed to avoid possible regrowth. The process is carried out to a depth of 15-18 inches. Furthermore, you will need to ensure that the operation is restricted to a limited area to minimize the impact on your land. Grinding is done both to facilitate landscaping as well as for safety. For your project to proceed quickly and efficiently, please indicate the location of the terminal of the city and notify your tree servicemen of the any underground irrigation system, before they undertake this procedure.

Whether you live in a lush society or an independent house – everyone needs their gardens and surroundings to be kept in check. Call some local businesses or check online for articles containing more tree removal information to think about your options.

Here are some additional tips from Angie’s List:

How To Select And Buy New Windows For Your Home

By Stan Arnold / April 17, 2016

Keeping with the topic of windows from my last blog posts I thought I would put together this post about how to select and buy new windows for your home. The window technology these days has considerably advanced. By just changing your windows, your home could be made to be energy efficient. The following are styles that you need to consider when buying new windows.

windows in your home

When looking for windows, look for those that are durable since they have to endure extreme temperatures, either cold or hot and are also to withstand when there are strong winds. Theses conditions could at times cause so much damage that you are forced to replace the windows. You could check how healthy your window is simply by tapping into the frame using any flat-blade screw so as to tell if the wood is too soft. If there is any sign that signifies decay, then you need to replace your window as soon as you possibly can.

When buying new windows, you should first determine what you need. Focus on the budget that you are working with, the design of the window that you want and also its expected function.  It is usually very costly if you order the wrong type of window.

Choose the Window Materials

There are so many materials which are used in making windows. These include fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum and also wood. However, if you are replacing an old window, you could get the material that would fit and match with the other windows.  You can use wood so as to maintain the original style of old homes. Windows that are clad-framed usually have a vinyl shell or even aluminum. They have good quality and are very thick like the can of a soda. They come in various colors and do not require a lot of maintenance since they are made of wood. With these, you don’t  require painting them. They insulate very well and are also extremely cheap compared to the other windows. The ones made of fiberglass are much stronger but are also very expensive compared to the other windows.

Select the Glass

When it comes to selecting your glass, the option is too wide. There are out-dated glasses such as the single pane ones. These are suitable for climates that are mild. The double-pane ones seal the air spaces thus they ensure to reduce the loss of heat.  For one who lives in a climate that is extremely cold, then he or she should settle for a triple pane window. This has a mixture of gasses that is sealed in it such as krypton and argon which provide an insulation layer.

Double pane windows and the triple ones also insulate the sound. This is what is used when one is located in a noisy environment such as a busy CBD.  They also have no condensation issues at all thus helps in avoiding foggy windows which usually comes about in instances that warm and cold air meet when on the window surface resulting in some fog formation on the glass.  Knowing this will help You in buying windows.

Questions That Consumers Should Ask Double Glazing Installers

By Stan Arnold / April 11, 2016

Before I moved to Leicester I used to live in Manchester. It was in our first house that I and my wife bought together and we wanted to make it our own and also, upgrade parts of the house we were not happy about. One of the things we didn’t like the most were the outdated windows. It was a big decision for us to invest in new double glazing windows as in terms of investment, the cost is quite high so we made sure we got it right. The company we hired for we were excellent, they were professional from the first phone call and were very clear on the costs involved, something which is very important when investing lots of money. If anyone is looking to replace the windows in their home then I highly recommend the company we used who installed our double glazing in Manchester. Anyway, I thought I would write my next blog post about what questions you should ask when choosing a double glazing installer. Hopefully, this guide will save you lots of stress down the road.

double glazing installers

Before embarking into buying double glazing, a client should know what he or she is getting him or herself into. One should be aware of the specific that is in the market. What is available and what is not available.  The perception which is negative that many people have towards firms that offer double glazing. Many potential customers are always at times engulfed with fear if the installation of the double glazing goes wrong.

If a customer goes through the websites of any window companies and goes to the double glazing section, the genuine general message is positive. There is no intent to con people of their money. So one at times wonders why there is generally negative perception to double glazers.

The questions that customers ask before they embark in double glazing is important since they just need the correct information and they need the whole of it to know what they should or should not do. These questions should include the following:

Does It Matter How Much Time The Window Company Has Been In Trade?

When many companies are doing self-promotion, many will go into telling how long they have been in business. Others have been for ten or even thirty years, the durations is usually varied. Many usually shout about how they’ve been in the market for it to be seen like they have garnered more experience which is not usually the case.  Others then base on their shortness in the market telling people how a new firm in the market can be more focused on their clientele since they are still struggling to build their reputation and get to par with other players in the market that have been there for a longer period of time.

Does It Matter If A Window Company Employs Sub Contract Or Self Employed Fitters?

The definite answer for this is a big NO. You can find that there are companies which boast at being so good just because they use their very own fitters, this, however, does not make it any better because other companies might be hiring fitters who are also qualified in doing the job for them maybe even much better than the others. So it does not matter if the company trained them or not, all that matters is that the fitters who are hired should be qualified for the job.

What You Should Know About Double Glazing Salesmen.

They have a minimum training concerning the products they sell. This is because they are at times supplied with huge numbers of different products to sell such that it gets a little tricky for them to master each product. Most of them have their focus on closing sales, mostly at night. They are employed on a commission basis so their sales directly determine their salary. However, as a client, you should be very wary of anyone who is quick to dismiss any criticism of their products.

It’s also worth mentioning you can find an online database of UK registered double glazing installers over at I recommend heading over to this site before you make a decision on which local company to use just to make sure they are registered as this will save you from hiring a not so trustworthy company who may not do a great job.

Choosing The Right Windows For Your Home

By Stan Arnold / April 9, 2016

It is usually a long and tedious job, looking for the right windows for your home. You might want to replace your current windows but finding the best fit can be a tough call for a homeowner. One should be clear on whether they are replacing the old windows or if they are getting new ones completely.

window style example

New Windows

This is usually the way to go if the owner is planning to either reduce or increase the size of the window so he or she can not replace it and instead goes for a totally new one. The cost of the replacement and the new ones are usually around the same price. However, the difference in price comes in when you add the labor charges because, with the new window, the work tends to be more. There might possibly be digging to create more space or plastering to reduce the size so this is what makes the cost of putting a new window to go up a little bit compared to a replacement. However, the advantage that this has over replacements is that the look of the home is totally changed.

Replacement Windows

This will only include removal of the old window and then putting up the new one. However if not done well, the frame of the window will be tampered with so it should be done very carefully. You should make sure you have carried out the correct measurements so that the replacement window that you bring will completely fit well into the space and the frame where the old window used to be. With this, the labor needed is minimal so the total cost is much less when you compare it to putting a new window other than a replacement. However, depending on who your manufacturer is, you could get a replacement that is custom made to fit the place where the other window was.

Window Styles

Double Hung or Single: Are common windows in most homes. They open at times from the top side and at times from the bottom part. They offer a continuous flow of air either from the top sash or from the low sash. These can be used by parents who still have small kids who explore a lot since it will contain them as they will not be able to climb or get through this type of window.

Casement Window: They have a single large sash which is vertically hinged thus opens when it swings out.

Awning Windows: They have a hinge that is located on their tops and when you want to open it, you tilt it so that it goes out using the bottom part. This is usually found in the bathrooms.

Slider Windows: They slide open on their sides. From one side to the other. This one is favorable to be put in places where the homeowner does not have enough space where a window can swing to open.

7 Smart Strategies for Kitchen Remodeling

By Stan Arnold / April 6, 2016

A huge number of homeowners spend a lot of money on kitchen remodeling as compared to making improvements on any other part of the house. However, this is understandable as kitchens are considered to be the hubs of life in the home. Below are seven strategies that are going to keep you on a budget by guiding you into making smart choices when upgrading your kitchen.

Kitchen Remodling

1.) Plan

When you want to remodel your kitchen, you should and deliberate on what new or what modifications to conduct on the existing hardware. This is called planning. It takes more time to plan compared to the remodeling process itself. While planning, you should study your kitchen as it, putting down measurements of doorways, counters, and even tables just to be accurate on how much space you have. You should think about the traffic patterns and also plan for the unforeseeable. When you count items, always leave a leeway for more in case things fail to go the way you anticipated. You should choose all your materials and fixtures before you begin modifications.

2.) Keep the same footprint

When one changes the layout of necessities in the kitchen such as plumbing pipes, the sink and electrical outlets, the budget of the modeling process will be extremely high for no good reason. If possible, you should keep electrical appliances and water pipes and wall fixtures so as to help offset demolitions and reconstruction costs. Your kitchen after remodeling should not be about the tools, but the design and functionality of the entire kitchen. Concentration should be laid on the long term features which add value.

3.) Get Real About Appliances

In a kitchen, the appliances needed are the essential tools which are important in either cooking or storing food. While selecting your kitchen appliances, you should settle on trusted brands basing your research on customer reviews online.

4.) Never Underestimate The Power Of Lighting

Lighting is the single thing that when done right can make a world of change in the kitchen, all by itself. Good lighting can make the kitchen look larger and definitely brighter. Try and eliminate shadows in the kitchen by using a pendant, recessed and track lights.

5.) Be Quality Conscious

Durability and functionality are what should be mainly considered when doing a kitchen makeover. Choose items that have a long warranty period and those that have a low cost of maintenance.

6.) Add on Storage and not Space

One of the things that will never get out of style is storage. One way of increasing on storage is by adding cabinets that get to the ceiling or by adding hooks for hanging things such as aprons or stock pots on a ceiling mounted rack.

7.) Be Clear In Communication With Your Remodelers

In order for you to stay on budget, you should ensure that your remodelers understand the specifics of what you want. You could do this by creating a good rapport.

Becoming A Business Leader In Five Simple Steps

By Stan Arnold / March 26, 2016

Have you ever wondered how people become successful business leaders? For others, it often seems like their success has come to them overnight, but the truth is that behind every successful business leader, there are tons of things they have to learn to go through and waters they had to navigate. If you want to learn some basic steps that could help you become successful yourself you have definitely come to the right place! These five steps are what will take you to ever-desired success you have always dreamed of!

Keep Learning

Successful business leaders know that you can never stop learning! In order to succeed, you have to learn a lot! You will learn how to create a successful business; you will learn how to turn any situation into your advantage. However, most of all you will have to learn how to learn from situations, as well as your past mistakes. In addition to that, you can also learn from other people and their actions.

Chase Your Dreams

People who have started large businesses had the courage to pursue their dreams. They were not discouraged by anything else, nor did they give up on their goal. They did not satisfy themselves with dreaming their own dreams and pursuing them to the very end. Instead, they had the courage to dream big and perseverance to stand tall and make it happen. They have their own vision, and they were not afraid to follow it, and you should do the same if you want your business to be a success.

Do Something Every Day

Making steps each day that will lead you closer to your goal is what will make you reach success someday. People think that making small steps each day is frustrating, but success doesn’t happen overnight! Only once you learn that each small step counts, that your tiny steps will eventually result in success. If at any point you decide to stop, change direction, or are just give up, you will not succeed. Remember – everything in life takes time! You have to put in a lot of effort and commitment.

Accepting Failure

Do not be afraid of experiencing failure. Experiencing failure means that you have been given a shiny opportunity to learn a lesson, that you will never repeat again. In addition to that, you can learn so much more from failure that you will use to your advantage to reach success.

Work Hard

You have to be prepared to work hard, and for this, you need to have stamina and perseverance. Are you prepared to work on yourself? Expand your sets of skills and constantly learn, change and evolve? If you are, you will certainly be a very successful business leader someday. In addition to that, you have to always remember where you came from and stay humble. This will allow you to stay on the ground, be approachable and people will respect you for it. This will make you respected and your business not just valuable, but priceless!

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